Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 MTC LT coyote G29

Magnification 5-25x
Objective Size / Lens diameter 56 mm
FOV @ 100 m / field of view @ 100 m ≥ 7.23 - 1.43 m
Exit pupil / exit pupil diameter 9.80 - 2.24 mm
Eye relief / eye distance 90 mm
Twilight Factor / Twilight 15,65 - 37,4
Battery / battery type CR 2450
Diopter Setting / Diopter adjustment +2 to -3 diopters
Tube diameter / center tube diameter 34 mm
Focal Plane Location / Reticle Plane First focal plane / 1st image plane
Reticle / Retina MSR / or tremor 3
Illumination / Illumination Rotary Digital Control / Digital knob
Operating temperature / operating range -25 to +63 ° C
Storage temperature / storage temperature -35 to +70 ° C
Nitrogen-Pressure-Filling / Nitrogen-filled Fog proof inside / Anti-fog inside
Water Pressure Proof / Water pressure up to 10 m
Elevation Adjunstment Increment / click adjustment Height 1 cm (0.10 mrad)
Elevation Range @ 100 m / Adjustment Height 260 cm (26.0 mils)
Windage Adjustment Increment Click adjustment Side 1 cm (0.10 mrad)
Windage Range @ 100 m Adjustment range Laterally ± 60 cm (6.0 mils)
Parallax Adjustment Knob / Parallax adjustment knob Side mounted, Rotary Side mounted, rotatable
Parallax Adjustment / Parallax Adjustment 50m to Infinity 50m to infinity
Weight with caps / Weight with caps ≤ 1030 g
Length at 0 diopter / length from diopter ring 422 mm
Color coyote
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Product information "Steiner M5Xi 5-25x56 MTC LT coyote G29" This is the final version of the new Bundeswehr G29 rifle scope. The only remaining difference is that this variant is delivered without laser protection filter. Available is the 5-25x56 with MSR reticle or optionally with tremor 3 reticle, as it is used in the Bundeswehr. The reticle is in the 1st image plane. The MTC LT version stands for More Tactical Clicks and LT for Locking Turret. Every 10th click is noticeably provided with a higher click resistance. Thus one could adjust the tower also "blindly". The M5xi is a riflescope with an extremely high magnification, which was designed for use on tactical and sniper rifles. High magnification and a high adjustment range allow practical shooting distances even over 1,500 meters. The 5-25x zoom makes it extremely versatile, while the lens diameter of 56mm provides excellent visibility even in the lowest light conditions. The Multipurpose Sniper Recticle (MSR) is divided into mrad units from 10mrad to 0.06mrad. This corresponds to a distance of 100cm to 0.6cm at 100m. The exact data of the Tremor 3 reticle can be found in the download area at the end of this article description. The center of the crosshair is illuminated and adjustable in 11 brightness levels. (Tremor 3 reticle deviating, see data sheet). Levels 1-4 are suitable for use with night vision devices, levels 1-7 are suitable for night operations, levels 8-11 for daily use. The light transmittance is over 90% measured according to DIN ISO 14490-5 nei 550 Nm.

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